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You live in your house 12 hours a day, use your car 1 hour a day, sleep on your mattress 8 hours a day, but you might wear shoes 9 hours a day. You’ve worked hard. So maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some more comfortable (and stylish) shoes


Ever wished you could be fashionable when shopping for groceries or even just at home, but dress shoes aren’t comfortable enough? Try these stylish yet comfortable “sparks fly” moccasin shoes!

Because you never know who you might meet next time, even when you’re just jogging or biking in your neighborhood.


From China’s first global, modern, ultra luxury label, these “sparks fly” genuine crocodile leather dress shoes have more color choices and can be customized, and the brand is directed at the 30 and below crowd for the ones who want to dress it up to the nines.

Note that as shoes are considered a consumable product, we do not offer any warranty on these shoes, unless they break within the first year of wearing them or something.

Comes with a free surprise gift too!

Ethical factory check: the average worker in the Chinese factory making this product makes around $15000 US Dollars per year


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