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You live in your house 12 hours a day, use your car 1 hour a day, sleep on your mattress 8 hours a day, but wear clothes almost 24 hours a day. You’ve worked hard. So maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some more comfortable (and stylish) clothes


Ever wished you could be fashionable when shopping for groceries or even just at home, but a suit isn’t comfortable enough? Try a stylish yet comfortable pair of these “pretty pajamas”!


Because you never know who you might meet next time, even when you’re just jogging or biking in your neighborhood.


From China’s first global, modern, ultra luxury label, this “you belong with me” track suit has the same fabric quality as England’s and Italy’s highest quality fabrics, but is much more stylish than either of them as this brand is directed at the 30 and below crowd.


About our superfine 12 micron merino wool:

Buying clothes made from this superfine 12 micron merino wool material isn’t exactly as taxing on natural and human resources as many other materials, such as cashmere or natural diamonds. You can think of it more of as buying a copy of Adobe Photoshop, where most of the money was spent on research and development, instead of “wasted”. It is also far more environmentally friendly to just buy a few of our clothes instead of wearing a different outfit every day in this “fast fashion” fad, as even if you donate all your used clothes to charity, there are more unwanted clothes than people to wear them.

Comes with 1 year of free exchanges and our standard, unlimited, 70 year warranty against pilling, shrinking, and itching. Although this fabric is just as soft as Loro Piana’s cashmere from baby/newborn cashmere goats, it is extremely resistant against pilling and shrinking in the washing machine.

Includes 10 hand sewn button down short sleeve shirts with mother of pearl buttons, 10 bras, 10 panties, 10 pairs of shorts, and 10 pairs of yoga pants (all matching).

Please send me the exact measurements for the clothing so they will fit, as well if you want a loose fit or something tighter.

Note that as each item is made to measure, it can take up to three months before it is completed and shipped to your address. Please be patient

Note that it can feel about 5 degrees warmer when when you wear these clothes when compared to wearing ordinary cotton clothes. That being said, if you get cold easily quite often, you can wear it whenever you want

Comes with a secret gift too!



Ethical factory check: the average worker in the factory making this product makes over $14000 US Dollars per year


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