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“our song” set of two lovebird watches

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You live in your house 12 hours a day, use your car 1 hour a day, sleep on your mattress 8 hours a day, but you might a watch 24 hours a day. You’ve worked hard. So maybe it’s time to treat yourself to upgrade your watch collection, so you could be fashionable when shopping for groceries or even just at home


Because you never know who you might meet next time, even when you’re just jogging or biking in your neighborhood.


From China’s first global, modern, ultra luxury label, these stylish watches are directed at the 30 and below crowd. Combining fashion forward and bold designs with old world style, the silicon carbide (moissanite) encrusted versions even outshine diamonds from Tiffany’s



Enjoy making other people envious of your loving and supportive relationship with your other half with matching relationship watches!

All of these watches are self-winding, so no batteries that will stop working, and you don’t even have to take them off while sleeping or in the shower due to them being “everything you see that looks like gold, is solid gold or at least an alloy of gold” as opposed to cheaper watches that only have a very thin coating of gold on them. That’s why all our watches come with our 70 year no-questions-asked warranty, that even covers corrosion of the 316L stainless steel and tungsten steel combination makeup of the watch.


These lab grown silicon carbide gemstones also come without the huge tax on the world’s natural and human resources, as well as being better for the environment.


Also, note that these watches will also come complimentary if you spend $69,000, $690,000, or $6,900,000 or more in lifetime purchases on our website. Just shoot me a dm or email me at and you will get a male and a female watch of your choice for free!

If you aren’t in a relationship yet, don’t worry – you can still buy a set while waiting for that special someone to come into your life


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