no expense spared Chinese fashion

no expense spared Chinese fashion

“out of all the things we buy, clothing is one of the few things that is bought solely for our peers. Because you never know who you might meet next time, even when you’re just jogging or biking in your neighborhood.”

-gene xie

it doesn’t get much better than this

you live in your house 12 hours a day, use your car 1 hour a day, sleep on your mattress 8 hours a day, but wear clothes almost 24 hours a day

buy a slice of history in the making, as the highest quality label in China; our quality beats even the best from what Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli have in store, and at a competitive price

all our products are designed to be practical first, and then stylish second

our 100% superfine 12 micron merino wool is 500x more durable than cashmere

yet just as soft as cashmere,

5x softer than ordinary high quality merino wool at 18 microns,

and 16x softer than cheap merino wool, at 24 microns.

the softness of a wool fiber is the reciprocal of (fiber diameter)^4

softer clothes can help your skin feel smoother and softer over time, especially when combined with a daily skincare routine that can include adapalene (vitamin A) cream

the best part? our superfine 12 micron merino wool material isn’t as taxing on natural and human resources as many other materials, such as cashmere or natural diamonds. You can think of it more of as buying a copy of Adobe Photoshop, where most of the money was spent on research and development, instead of “wasted”. It is also far more environmentally friendly to just buy a few of our clothes instead of wearing a different outfit every day in this “fast fashion” fad, as even if you donate all your used clothes to charity, there are more unwanted clothes than people to wear them.

Fully customizable clothes

all custom tailored to fit you; comes with 3 complimentary size changes in case the clothes don’t fit on the first try

complimentary embroidery, including images and initials

want extra large pockets (for guys and for girls)? that is complimentary as well

why not wear white?

“mom, why is the bride wearing white?”

“because this is the happiest day of her life!”

“so why is the groom wearing black?”

jokes aside, I recommend lighter colors such as white and periwinkle blue for singles under 30 who are still open to new friendships and relationships.

conversely, I recommend darker colors such as royal blue for married people over 30 who have already made their friends and have settled down

silicon carbide jewelry

originally discovered in an actual shooting star, silicon carbide is the hardest gem material (other than diamond).

however, it sparkles better than those diamonds from Tiffany’s; when worn in direct sunlight, our jewelry makes the wearer shine with a strikingly beautiful iridescent rainbow effect

“good student” discounts:

Did you work hard in school?

If :

– you have a SSAT score of 2145 or higher

– or have passed 4 Advanced Placement course exams with a score of 4 (out of 5) or higher

– or you have an IB score of 38 or higher

– or you have a SAT (superscore) of 2100 or higher

– or you have a GRE of 169 or higher

– or you have a gaokao score of 550 or more

then you can use the coupon “good student” to get a 69% discount on our clothes

All our clothing comes with a standard 70 year warranty that covers pilling and itching. (note that this does not cover holes, tearing, or itching though, and we require that you try to fix the problem yourself by dry cleaning first before filing a warranty claim)


ever wished you could just take your entire house with you?

take the scenic route by travelling the world in a boat. all our boats can travel between 1200 to 12000 miles on a single tank of diesel fuel at 15 mph. If you want to go faster, you can upgrade to something that can go 60 mph (at the expense of range on a full tank)

about my impartial food and health research project: no fake science here(!)

It seems like the big-shot scientists and world leaders can’t seem to agree on even the simplest things, such as whether the egg yolk or the egg white is healthier for you (or even if you should or should not eat the eggs at all). Some sources have started to claim that salt, fat, and protein are all good for you, even though salt and fat have been seen as a great way to get fat in the decades prior. This is because almost all the data that these authority figures use, all comes from “studies” instead of actual double-blind research, or the “scientific method” we were all taught in school.

So to help support the age-old question of what to eat and what to do to stay slim, healthy, and good-looking, you are welcome to help out my research by purchasing custom food trays delivered directly to your home or work (think: something similar to SoYummy trays) to find out things like

“how much salt is too much?”

“the keto diet works to lose weight, but what about long-term consequences?”

“could pizza and ramen actually be good for you? (ramen actually takes longer to digest than ordinary noodles because of the fat content, which might actually help you lose weight when compared to regular noodles, provided that you get nutrients from other sources too)”

the quest to make the most secure laptop in the world

it’s like driving a Volvo or something – you never have to worry about getting hacked (or injured in a car crash in the case of a Volvo), allowing you to relax and breathe easier; the feel is just different, and in a refreshing way. These laptops are also water resistant and can withstand a four-foot drop onto a marble floor, as they are made out of a special metal with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than even the strongest titanium alloys available to the public.

also, ThinkPads have been the only laptop brand used on the International Space Station

About the security: These computers will be shipped with China’s OpenKylin operating system, the result of many billions of dollars worth of Chinese government spending to make some of the most secure operating systems in the world

Bundled apps:

Firefox and Google Chrome

a word processor

a spreadsheet processor

a presentation maker

a secure note-taking app

an email client

a video editing app and an image editing app

a music editing app

a photo editor

Our 16″ Intel laptop has 5x the GPU performance as the latest 16″ Macbook Pro, all while weighing 0.8 pounds less and being far more durable. Now that’s engineering!

people matter at the xie collection

“I believe that capitalism is the best solution to save the world”

-gene xie, founder of the xie collection

a company that people enjoy working for

to support overseas designers, web developers, clothing factories, and design firms, I never try to haggle with their initial offer price. This not only ensures that our products are very high quality, it is also good business. “do not deprive a worker of his wages”

our workers

it takes a lot more than just a handful of people to make something this good

judy fu
manages the design and production of the “pretty pajamas”
honest wangwoven suits and coats
manages the design and production of the “kiss me in the pouring rain” trench coat and “I’m never not wearing a tux again” tuxedo
cici dobaysilicon carbide jewelry
manages the design and production of the “shine bright like a shooting star” silicon carbide-based jewelry collection

more questions?