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friendly capitalism

here at the xie collection, we believe that capitalism can save the world

A more ethical clothing label

“I originally conceived the idea of a high end fashion label at least as far back as 2012, and the company was officially founded in Houston, Texas in 2020. After testing the quality of products from China’s most ambitious factories, the xie collection has finally shown the world that China can make clothing that can meet or exceed the quality of the best from the UK, France, and even Italy, with its fashion forward designs and its standard 70 year warranty as well as one year of unlimited free exchanges (mostly in case if a customer finds that the sizing is off). Note that our warranty does not cover holes or stains, although the vast majority of stains should come out in the washing machine. For the stains that still remain, a dry cleaning service should fix pretty much anything other than things like pens and paint.

About our ethics:

In Nathan for You, Nathan talks about how Patagonia wasn’t “ethical enough” and at first, I thought he was being completely serious. Later, I found out that he might have been kidding (I don’t really know), but it begs the question: why don’t high end labels make high paying jobs in the countries that need them most? Why only make clothes in Italy and the UK? Why not China and India? Surely they have skilled labor over there, and if not, surely they could be trained quite readily. Also, the xie collection goes beyond what even Patagonia and what other ethical labels are doing by not only providing jobs for factory workers, but also jobs much higher along the value chain as artists and designers. Because although the poorest in these countries are clamoring for even low paid, factory jobs, many of them would like to be better than that by getting a job as getting an education and becoming a clothing designer.”

-gene xie,

founder of the xie collection

for all the cool kids

you’ve worked hard in school, and now you’ve got a long life ahead of you;

your life has just begun and want to make sure that every year ahead will the best year you’ve ever had

Our workers

making the world’s best clothes takes quite a lot of work

judy fu
honest wang
cici dobaysilicon carbide jewelry
manages the design and production of the “shine bright like a shooting star” silicon carbide-based jewelry collection